World Class Reservationless Voice/Web/Event Conferencing

With convenient access from any telephone, you can immediately be connected with your participants in a conference call meeting room that is available 24/7/365.  We offer everything from automated service to white glove operator assisted conferences.

We also offer web conferencing, including: Convenient information sharing capabilities for applications and file transfer, quick Microsoft Office publishing, the ability to accommodate up to 1,000 users, and options such as instant polling, the ability to host a web conference on the fly, and even record the session for later playback. Features that allow for individual customization in browser settings and privacy. The service is reliable and simple.

No matter what your conferencing needs are, we can help. For more information on these types of calls please contact us at 1-888-218-5287.

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Office Phone Anywhere

With our SpiderCom small business phone service, we let you take your existing phone number and connect it to any other existing phone(s), without any hardware installation. You will get a toll free or local number with extensions (“Press 1 for sales, press 2 for supports, press 3 for…”) Your cell phone, employees phones, or even your home phone can all be extensions for your business.  Also available are services such as voicemail to text, caller ID for any phone including land lines, and call forking. We connect your business to you.

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Voice Broadcasting

With our DialerCall® service, you can broadcast your voice message to the masses. Simply record your voice and upload your list of numbers and your message will be instantly sent to them all. Whether you are a fire department or a marketing company, this service fits all voice broadcasting needs.

Also available is our DialerCall calling service, which allows you to quickly and easily call and communicate with large groups of people much faster than dialing over and over. This service allows you to easily and quickly call and speak with large groups of people at minimal expense. This service triples the speed of your calls and eliminates leaving repetitive voicemails.

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