Virtual Phone Service

Introducing SpiderCom Phone System


We take your existing business phone number and connect it to any other existing phone(s), without any hardware installation.

CFL Communication’s SpiderCom allows your company’s incoming calls to ring wherever you tell us. Your cell phone, your home phone, or anywhere in the world. All of your personal and business phone extensions and phone numbers can ring anywhere you choose.

We also provide local or toll-free numbers from any area in the US, for the same low price, or have your current number transferred to our system.

When a person calls your local or toll-free number, you can choose to have them greeted by an automated attendant, or to have them connected right away, without the need to enter any extensions or dialing options.

If you have chosen to implement the call-screening feature, the system will ask for the caller’s name. Otherwise, our SpiderCom phone system simply puts the caller right through after any necessary extensions or dialing options are chosen.

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