Voice Broadcasting

DialerCall Voice Broadcasting

Our DialerCall® product is a web-based tool which allows you to quickly and easily call or send your voice message to large groups of people at minimal expense. DialerCall® is conveniently accessible from the office, home or anywhere with a phone and an internet connection. It can blast out your message to thousands at once, or simply eliminate the stress and repetition normally involved with making multiple outbound calls (such as dialing and leaving voicemails).

Blast your message to thousands in seconds
No more repeating yourself over and over throughout the day, as the system instantly delivers the same crisp, enthusiastic and effective message every time 

DialerCall® reduces a two-hour call session to about 30 minutes, as you click your mouse to dial numbers and to instantly “drop” messages into voice mail 

DialerCall® lowers your phone bills, as DialerCall® assumes the outbound long distance and local phone charges for each call 

No additional hardware, software or telecommunications equipment is necessary 

Can easily be integrated with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

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DialerCall is powered by CFL Communications.